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User-Interface Testing

No doubt it has always been a challenge to test User Interfaces (UI). Companies have been relying on testers, sometimes not technical, to test graphical interfaces such as web pages. But humans are prone to errors, and when the same pages have to be tested over and over again, human testers tend to forget or miss out things, resulting in numerous bugs and errors.

Testadon provides a generic mechanism for writing and running UI test cases. It provides a web browser where validation conditions can be recorded once, then execution engine where requirements can be validated and reported. Testadon can validate and verify any web pages, check HTML tags, presence or absence of any web page elements, even download images. Testadon can turn UI testing into regression testing, helping to deliver higher quality systems, while making life of testers and developers easier.


Testadon allows creating and running user-interface testing, with full test automation. Using a simple web browser, test case author can create a comprehensive user interface test case scenario, which can then be executed on the platform automatically. Validations can be set for checking presence or absence of web page elements, applying regular expressions, and other conditional rules.