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Automated Reports

Testadon allows viewing and configuring reports. Each test case can have one or many reports. They get generated during run-time. Testadon provides mechanism to view any generated report for a given test case, as well as configuration options for report fields. It is possible to send reports via FTP and SMTP, and Testadon provides configuration for such connections.

Automated Test Case Report Generation

Testadon provides automated test case generation, which means every time any test case or suite is ran - Testadon will generate the final summary test case report, as well as any other reports defined within a test case. Test case reports are customizable. Every summary report contains explanation of the test case, execution results, charts, and diagrams. In an IT consulting industry this can be used as a final customer deliverable. Within any company using Testadon this provides a complete documentation tool for testing projects. Reports are available in PDF, HTML, and RTF formats.

Report & Statistics Generators

Testadon allows generating test case reports that fully document your test case execution, and this is done automatically for you at the end of each test case, in your preferred language. It is possible to also generate a customized report at any point during test case execution. In fact you can place as many reports into your test case as you wish using simple drag-and-drop inside of the Modeller. Whenever there is an error discovered during test case execution, and you wish that particular error to be documented in a report, and the send a report via email or put it into the file server or FTP, Testadon allows easy configuration tools inside of the Modeller. Auto-generated reports contain full statistics and results, with test case diagrams, charts, and analysis of how your test case got executed. Testadon reports provide a complete documentation that is usually enough to submit to the stakeholders:

Automated test case report generation in Testadon means that testers need to spend ZERO time on test case execution documentation. Testadon has built-in mechanisms that allow test case interpretation � each report generated for a particular test case contains short description explaining what that test case does, providing a visual test case model diagram (excluding load/stress testing). Within IT consulting firm environment it means that a consultant performing tests for a customer gets complete professionally formatted reports auto-generated, sparing him/her from doing this manually.

This saves enormous amount of time, and spares testers from tedious and repetitive tasks � documenting test case execution results. Testadon automatically generates results, full statistics, charts, and diagrams, saving hours of un-necessary labour. This also ensures that all test runs are fully documented, which is not the case with many testing teams. To express this in numbers, if on average during test case execution phase it takes 5-10 minutes for creating a report documenting test case results, and if on average testers can run 10-200 test cases per day � Testadon will save 1.5 to 33 hours of tester's work!