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Test Case Modelling using Testadon Modeller

Testadon Modeller brings you innovative testing tools, which require ZERO programming or scripting. All tests can be modelled within seconds using the Modeller, where you can design blocks for any complex testing processes with a simple drag-and-drop. Inside of the Modeller you can model your test case as a diagram similar to flow-chart or BPEL. This visual tool can save you hours on development and maintenance of your test cases, since using it you can design and re-design any complicated test case scenario, build test cases for User Interface, Functional, System, and Integration testing.

Whether it is user interface test, functional, or integration test � everything can be visually modelled inside of the Modeller. It provides with a palette that contains building blocks which can be connected with arrows, and it also allows setting conditional operations, a decision tree, that can have conditional statements (IF, ELSE, FOR, WHILE, DO WHILE). It can open for editing all HTTP parameters. You can also set any testing conditions for a web page (e.g. checking that a web page element is present/absent, performing regular expressions, setting random or stored input, etc).

Testadon Modeller also contains build-in adapters, which you can drag-and-drop into your test case diagram (i.e. http & https, SQL, FTP, SMTP, and File servers). You have an option of setting a timer, logging, generating a report, or even terminating test case. Everything can be modelled as blocks using the mouse. Testadon Modeller provides automated syntax check and errors highlighting of your test case. It also contains many configuration tools. You can export your test case diagram as an image (PNG, JPG, TIFF, and BMP). It also allows for dynamic layout and zoom.