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Load & Stress Testing

Testadon provides full functionality for load and stress testing. Test cases can be recorded using Web Browser, then edited, and ran with real-time monitoring.

Testadon allows running test cases that can determine how fast some aspects of an enterprise system perform under a particular workload. Testadon can reveal if the system meets performance criteria. Detailed reports that contain statistics produced after each testing can be used to compare two or more systems or segments of the same system to find which performs better.


Load testing allows creating demand on an enterprise system to measure its response. Testadon allows modelling the expected usage of a system while simulating multiple concurrent users and their activities. A load test is usually conducted to understand the behaviour of the application under a specific expected load. This load can be the expected concurrent number of users on the application performing a specific number of transaction within the set duration.

This test will give out the response times of all the important business critical transactions.

Stress testing allows determining enterprise system's response at unusually high or peak loads. It is used for discovering robustness, availability, error handling, and other aspects of an enterprise system under a heavy load. Stress testing can ensure the system does not crash, or can be used for discovering the point of system crash, when facing insufficient resources or high concurrency. Stress testing can be also used for staging denial of service attacks. Some examples of stress testing include:


Testadon provides the following features for Load & Stress testing: