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Testadon Functional Testing

Functional Testing is also known as black-box testing, release acceptance, QA testing, application testing, confidence testing, final testing, validation testing, usability testing, or factory acceptance testing. Normally it involves running a suite of tests on the completed system, where each test case is targeting a particular operation condition of the user's environment, which can be system's feature. The outcomes are usually measured as a pass or fail result. There is generally no degree of success or failure.

Testadon provides tools for different methods of inserting test input data, decision blocks for verifying systems' functionality, reporting, alerting, and monitoring mechanisms for ensuring Functional Testing gets executed in line with set criterion.

Testadon can be used for creating and running Functional Testing. This includes writing test cases that test system functionality from the front end. It is also possible to write test cases that test different parts of the back-end of system under test, as long as integration adapters are available in Testadon, and if they are not Albia® Professional Services can develop custom adapters.