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Test Case Execution

Execution Engine

Testadon is equipped with a robust execution engine, capable to execute any number of test cases simultaneously. It comes with a rules engine, real-time statistics, monitoring, and alerts mechanisms, and is optimized to have the best performance.

The execution engine is capable to simultaneously run Load & Stress, User Interface, Functional, System, and Integration Testing. This allows endless possibilities to test your enterprise system. During run-time test case input can be inserted randomly, from a dictionary or custom file, or stored values.During run-time the execution engine can also send alerts and generate reports. Build-in rules engine allows executing test case decision trees. The execution engine can run as a background process initiated by Testadon Scheduler.

Real-time Alerts

Testadon lets you set customized alerts to inform interested parties when some error or even is detected during test case execution. Usually alerts can flag if a critical error gets spotted, and it can be sent via email, placed into a file using FTP or file server, or even write a message to the database. This is a great feature for all types of test cases, especially regression testing, and once you set alerts they would be automatically activated if the condition is met during test case execution.