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Testadon Components

Testadon consists of many components each responsible for a particular testing phase. The main components that end users interact with are:


Test cases can be designed using GUI tools without any programming or scripting. This gives a significant advantage for the tester, as any complex test case can be created in a short timeframe. This also improves test case maintenance, as any complicated test case scenario can be modified within seconds.


Testadon provides some configuration tools responsible for full test case/scenario management, test environment configuration and customization. Read more...


Testadon test case execution engine is a complete end-to-end business rules and integration platform designed for running any number and any type of test cases simultaneously. Read more...


Testadon provides innovative statistics gathering techniques together with monitoring and alerting mechanism. Read more...


Testadon allows sending alerts during run-time. This can be utilized for notifying interested parties when something goes wrong, and alerts can be sent through email, FTP, or local file system. Read more...


Testadon can measure any acquired results for all test cases during and after test case execution. This provides an extensive view with statistics for measuring test case results, which enables testers with a system snapshot providing a complete report of what has been accomplished during the testing. Read more...