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With Testadon:

  • Save 19.2% of overall development time
  • Save �48,000 on an average software project
  • Save 48% of overall testing time
  • Save �100,454 on a 12 months testing project
  • Identify bugs early
  • Maximize profits with high quality software
  • One tool for 5 types of testing


Software failures are expensive in today's high-tech world. Software bugs are costing billions to companies, and create economic instability across all business sectors, and especially in e-commerce and banking industry.

Estimates of the economic costs of faulty software in the U.S. range in the tens of billions of dollars per year and

have been estimated to represent approximately just less than 1 percent of the nation's gross domestic product GDP (The Economic Impacts of Inadequate Infrastructure for Software Testing, Final Report, May 2002, National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Software bugs have a straight impact on system failure due to poor quality, poor performance, increase in software development costs, temporary system shut down, resulting in lost transactions, etc.


Purpose of Testadon

Testadon brings a complete platform where technical and non-technical users can create and execute tests. All processes have been optimized and automated, so that minimum human involvement is required for testing enterprise systems.

With Testadon you can simply plan, design, configure, run, acquire, measure, and evaluate without involving big testing team. Any activity that a tester needs to perform can be also done by a business analyst with Testadon. This is due to the fact that no programming or writing scripts is required for creating and executing complex enterprise system testing activities

ZERO Coding

Testadon is resolving most of the traditional testing platforms problems. It aims at allowing test cases to be generated without any scripting or programming, so that not only technical testers, but business analysts can leverage from creating test cases.

5 Types of Testing in ONE Platform

Testadon is designed to allow up to 5 types of different testing to be carried out on the same platform:

This allows for testing activities to be smoothly executed, providing an extensive and creative environment for designing and running test cases.

Accelerate Testing

Testing process is accelerated, so that it takes minutes to write any complex test case, and then it takes seconds to perform any maintenance.

Cut the Costs

With Testadon you would be able to perform extensive testing with minimum budget. This is achieved with maximum automation of tedious tester's activities, making it easy to carry out any testing project.

Complete Automation

Test cases for 5 levels of tests can be automated and scheduled, making your testing project well structured and easy managed. Using Testadon human effort is only used for design - the rest is performed by Testadon.


Testadon consists of innovations that will bring huge savings for any organization performing tests of enterprise systems. On average it takes at least 30% of time and effort to test any software development project. This can be cut up to 48% when using Testadon, and we will find out how. The following table illustrates some estimates used to compare traditional testing methods with Testadon. The estimates are based on Albia® labs experiments with some traditional testing tools (names are omitted since the intention here is to show effectiveness of Testadon and not the weakness of some brands). It is estimated that on average for one testing cycle teams usually have to create 10-12 test cases. Albia® labs experiments were carried out with 3 commercial and 2 open source testing tools with an intention to assess effectiveness of Testadon.

Test ProcedureTraditional Testing ToolsTestadon
Develop Test Strategy 10 hours 10 hours
Develop Test Plan 3 hours 3 hours
Design Test Cases (total of 10-12 test cases) 5 hours 1 hour
Set Test Procedures 4 hours 30 min
Assemble Test Scenarios 1 hour 10 min
Perform Test Case Tuning 1.5 hour 10 min
Develop Schedule Plan 5 min 1 min
Execute Test Cases 30 min 15 min
Create Test Log, Test Incident Report 5 min 30 sec
Gather Real-time Results, Real-time Statistics, Test Item Transmittal Report - * - *
Send Warnings, alerts - SMTP, FTP, and File Server - * - *
Generate Result Statistics, Custom Reports, Test Reports 5 min 1 min
Generate Reports: PDF, HTML, RTF, Result Statistics 5 min 1 min
Modify Existing Test Case 10 min 2 min
Total25 hours 30 min 15 hours 10 min

*Results for these procedures are omitted since they are performed by the software automatically as a background process. However some commercial and open source testing tools don't offer this functionality at all.

Total Saving for All Testing Processes: 10 hours 10 minutes
Total Saved when using Testadon: 48% of time

Now, since testing usually accounts for 40% of all development time, Testadon can save 19.2% of overall development time. That means if the software development project cost on average is �250,000, Testadon will save �48,000.

Some might state that the cost of a tester and the cost of a developer are different, however in a typical commercial development organization, the cost of �debugging, testing, and verification activities can easily range from 50 to 75 percent of the total development cost� (Hailpern and Santhanam, 2002). Therefore Testadon is likely to save more overall time.

Very often software developers write big percentage of test cases (e.g. for regression testing). On average, 30% of all code in a software development project is unit testing used for regression and user interface testing. Most of that code would never have to be written because Testadon provides tools that allow creating test cases without writing scripts or programming. Testadon can be used by developers, testers, architects, and business analysts, because it requires no specialist technical skills for creating and running test cases.

We can also consider tester daily rate calculations. On average the cost of a tester is around �436 per day . If a company employs a tester on a project that lasts 6 months, it comes out to around 120 days multiplied by �436, which makes it �52,320 Testadon saves 48% of testing time, which is � 25,113 if we transfer that into 6 months of testers' wages. On a project running for 12 months with 2 testers, Testadon will save � 100,454.

Automated Test Case Report Generation

Testadon provides automated test case generation, which means every time any test case or suite is ran - Testadon will generate the final summary test case report, as well as any other reports defined within a test case. Test case reports are customizable. Every summary report contains explanation of the test case, execution results, charts, and diagrams. In an IT consulting industry this can be used as a final customer deliverable. Within any company using Testadon this provides a complete documentation tool for testing projects. Reports are available in PDF, HTML, and RTF formats.

Automated test case report generation in Testadon means that testers need to spend ZERO time on test case execution documentation. Testadon has built-in mechanisms that allow test case interpretation � each report generated for a particular test case contains short description explaining what that test case does, providing a visual test case model diagram (excluding load/stress testing). Within IT consulting firm environment it means that a consultant performing tests for a customer gets complete professionally formatted reports auto-generated, sparing him/her from doing this manually.

This saves enormous amount of time, and spares testers from tedious and repetitive tasks � documenting test case execution results. Testadon automatically generates results, full statistics, charts, and diagrams, saving hours of un-necessary labour. This also ensures that all test runs are fully documented, which is not the case with many testing teams. To express this in numbers, if on average during test case execution phase it takes 5-10 minutes for creating a report documenting test case results, and if on average testers can run 10-200 test cases per day � Testadon will save 1.5 to 33 hours of tester's work.

Early Problem Identification

By identifying problems during the requirements phase takes only about �150 to fix them. However during the development phase the cost of fixing bugs can be nearly �900 per bug. By the time the project gets into the hands of the quality assurance team, the cost for identifying and then fixing bugs goes up to almost �5,000 per bug. The further bugs are not identified during the project, the higher the cost, and during after the deployment phase the cost per bug can be up to �12,000. It is also worth mentioning that the number of bugs gets higher throughout the project lifecycle

Testadon allows performing User Interface, Functional, Load & Stress, System, and Integration testing. Test case automation, alerts, and reporting mechanisms help identifying bugs at the early stage of a project.

By using Testadon from an early project stage it can help identifying bugs and thus saving more than 100 times less of money per bug.

Test Case Maintainability

It is a well known fact that a lot of time is usually dedicated on maintaining test cases. During development phase business requirements and technical specifications of the software can rapidly change (especially under Agile methodologies). Consequently test cases have to also be constantly adjusted to the ever-changing requirements. Test case data also can sometimes change, usually causing maintenance nightmare. Testadon infrastructure for software testing allows for:

Testadon provides UI tools that make test case maintenance a quick and painless procedure, helping to save hours of effort and time.

Maximize Profits through Higher Software Quality

Many companies can increase their profits by delivering a higher quality of their software systems. This stands for not only software development companies, but many other industries who deliver services through software �e-commerce, online web services, vendors operating through electronic sale orders, banking, insurance, and many other industries. The general formula is:

Profit = Revenue - (Testing + Production + Customer Service)

That means Testing plays a significant role on maximizing profits, since it requires investments into time and resources. However Customer Service is also impacted huge impact on the profit, and Testing has a direct impact on it. For example a company is delivering online services. If testing has not been properly done, and bugs start occurring when customers use the system, then the company will spend significantly more money on their customer service, while most of these problems could have been avoided if bugs were uncovered during the testing.

Testadon maximizes profits by helping to deliver high quality software.

Cut the Cost of Unidentified Bugs

The impact of unidentified bugs in software is huge, and companies are spending billions of Euros per year to cover the following problems which emerge out of unidentified bugs:

No company wants to get a reputation for software that is not robust and that has bugs which stop business operations. Testadon can speed up the process of identifying bugs across all stages of a project, providing automated testing tools with reporting and alerts. Testadon can be used for 5 types of testing (User Interface, Functional, Load & Stress, System, and Integration Testing), which provides a unique environment for creating, optimizing, running, and evaluating test cases.

Testadon can significantly drive down the costs of unidentified bugs by discovering them at the early stage of a project.


The potential cost reduction from feasible infrastructure improvements is $22.2 billion. This represents about 0.6 and 0.2 percent of the U.S.'s $10 trillion dollar GDP, respectively. Software developers accounted for about 40 percent of total impacts, and software users accounted for the about 60 percent . Testadon provides innovative testing algorithms, metrics, alerts, test case modelling, and reporting tools that can help identifying bugs. Testadon can help to reduce the cost of testing and the time required to roll out new products. Testadon brings a unique infrastructure which supports real-time testing where testers can cure problems that appear right away rather than waiting until a product is fully released.

Testadon increases the net value of software by reducing the cost of software development and testing, decreasing the time required to develop new software products and services. It also improves performance, interoperability, and conformance of software.