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Testadon Adapters

Testadon comes with built-in adapters that make your integration easy:

In order to test your enterprise system, it might require setting up test cases that ensure the data is travelling correctly and external systems are properly processing your data.

Testadon allows modelling test cases that include external systems, and some essential functionality to ensure correct integration and check your expected results. For instance you might need to open a database, verify that data has been properly saved, insert or delete some elements, and match your result to a regular expression or stored values. You might also want to send an email to mimic end user activities, or simply download a file from an FTP server to perform some operations over it. All external system´┐Żs activities can be easily put together into your test case with a simple drag-and-drop and setting test conditions. Testadon also allows incorporating custom adapters which Albia® Professional Services can develop for you. No matter how your enterprise complex and large, testing integration and data integrity can be easy using Testadon adapters.