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Business Solutions

Albia® Insurance solution is a cutting edge system providing the following infrastructure:
  • Customer Management
  • Claims Management
Albia® e-Hospital is a unified solution that can make any hospital to operate electronically without any paperwork, hard copies of x-rays or analysis, with a full patient management system. It has a proven ROI and will make your hospital to be fully under control...
Albia® e-Library is a complete solution for any library to automate all internal and external processes. It includes an extensive data management system with massive search capabilities,
Albia® e-Education is a system that can automate any educational facility within minutes. It provides full student and staff management, analysis on any requested parameters, automated alerts, data events monitoring, and automated reporting.
Albia® e-Commerce is a suite that can bring your business to operate e-commerce online instantly!
Albia® e-Government is a set of solutions covering the following areas:
  • Citizen Management System
  • Governance
  • Citizen Data Portal
  • Department Integration

Banking Solutions

Are you ready to challenge your competitors? How fast can you roll out new products and services? Is your bank platform unified and agile enough? Albia® Core Banking Solutions will help you move fast with your common banking infrastructure towards customer oriented solutions.
Do you know your customers and what they want? Can you deliver your services and products to the right person at the right time? Become a smart bank - obtain a single customer view. With Albia® Front Office this can be achieved immediately. We can help to align your bank products and services around profitability.
How easy your bank can meet new regulations? Are you protecting bank assets and customers the way you should? With Albia® Governance you can ensure that things are always under control.
Can you see your payments from one end to the other? Does your payment system require often manual intervention? Albia® Payments solution can resolve standard issues with payments, making your bank better organised and managed in terms of payments and treasury.