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Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Albia® Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your central point of contact during outsourcing.

TAM not only provides you with all the answers about your project, but also can be present at your site when required (Please note: this option is currently available only for European and Middle East customers), lead the project, meet the targets, ensure sufficient resources are allocated, monitor and resolve any organizational issues, keep you informed on a daily or weekly basis, mitigate all project problems.

TAM can provide your organization with Albia® best practices, advise you on project development and technology, ensure the work is done within agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and make your long term relationship with Albia® an enjoyable and beneficial experience!

In fact Albia® TAM is a highly trained IT specialist with many years of industrial experience that can work with all technical and business stakeholders. TAM not only knows how to handle outsourcing projects, but also does that in the best possible way while following Albia® Outsourcing methodology and world class standards. Talk to our outsourcing manager today!