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Outsourcing Benefits

Will Outsourcing give me benefits?

US businesses that outsourced work say "Yes":

  • 67% reported savings in cost by 5% to 50%
  • 70% reported increase in quality by 10% to 25%*

*Report by Jeffrey Sachs, Nirupam Bajpai, Rohit Arora & Harpreet Khanna (Columbia University Graduate School of Business)

Outsourcing allows your business to focus on some of the most crucial business aspects of your organization, while letting top experts to take care of other business processes or projects, helping you to cut down the cost of in-house software development and maintenance of highly paid IT specialists. It also allows you to put the responsibility of work delivery on another organization, which are experts in that particular field. Outsourcing with Albia® allows you to reach high quality of software without having to invest heavily into your infrastructure and skills. We can also help you to calculate ROI (Return of Investment) associate with outsourcing. The key benefits of outsourcing to Albia® are:

  • Reduced cost of software development projects - Albia® can bring down your costs by 40 to 60%
  • High quality state-of-the-art software development
  • Quality assurance compliance with IEEE, ISO, or your own proprietary standards
  • Ability to scale up or down software development team at short notice
  • Having top experts working on your projects (Albia® is a software vendor delivering and selling world class software to over 15 countries)
  • Utilizing Albia® Outsourcing Methodology to maximize your profits through optimized project delivery, low costs, and on-time delivery
  • Having Albia® TAM (Technical Account Manager) mitigating project issues, and even being present at your site
  • Ability to build long term relationship with Albia® to pipeline all your projects
  • Ability to bring Albia® consultants to your site when required at a short notice (please note this option is currently available only to Europe and Middle East)
  • European service at the lowest possible price

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