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Albia® Outsourcing Methodology

Since our major focus is to get our customers what they need in the time frame they want, we have designed the best approach which is a unique outsourcing methodology that works best for our clients and for us. It is based on Agile software development concepts, our expertise in project delivery, skills and personnel utilization, and it is customized to meet the needs of our demanding clients.

Outsourcing, which corresponds to the decentralization of competencies, represents a movement along the direction going from the fully hierarchical firm to the totally decentralised network. In this setting all the intermediate types of organizations have to deal with the same problem that is to co-ordinate in the presence of specialisation. Albia® Outsourcing Methodology is designed to optimize the partnership model between both parties so that it functions well both from business and technological point of view. Albia® Outsourcing Methodology can render discontinuity quick and easy. Our goal is to work in the most effective way towards building partnership with our clients, and driving their businesses to the next level. Talk to our outsourcing manager today!