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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a computer systems architectural style for creating and using business processes, packaged as services, throughout their lifecycle. Distributed applications and systems can exchange data, trigger business processes, and be involved in enterprise cycle if they use SOA platform infrastructure.

The idea behind SOA is to enable different systems to utilize each other's functionality without knowing exact implementation. Within SOA all processes are separated into stand alone units that can be easily reused to create applications. SOA platform also allows business process orchestration. In order for one process to communicate with another process it must send a message. No process can be directly linked with another process, but rather they are all linked to SOA.

Albia® SOA Solution

At Albia® we aim at providing our customers with the best possible solutions that can help their businesses to get a competitive edge and drive them towards their success. Which is why Albia® SOA solution allows fast implementation. By bringing you a world class ESB with easy-to-use and deploy services, you can have a fully working SOA infrastructure within days and not months. Talk to our consultant today!