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About Us

Albia® d.o.o. provides a broad range of business and technology services that deliver real business results.

Being an independent software vendor and IT services provider, we deliver innovative software platforms and integrated enterprise systems. By establishing long term partnerships, we work towards the success of our clients in Europe and the Middle East.

With headquarters in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) we cover many private and public sectors by bringing agile solutions delivered by top consultants with specially designed methodology. Our proven technologies and solutions help our customers to grow, be competitive, and get to the next level faster.

Albia® offers:

Albia® Outsourcing includes software development and IT services for all sectors in various industries across the world. By utilizing expertise of our software engineers, Albia® customers are able to build world class solutions while minimizing project costs and achieving higher quality software.

Albia® Software Labs consist of top professionals among software developers and engineers, project managers, IT architects, and graphic designers. The main mission of the lab is to deliver top class software. Albia® Software Labs collaborates with European Industrial Partners, Universities and Research Centres. There are several software innovations currently under development, and the first finished and available product is Testadon - a pioneering testing platform software which incorporates User Interface, Functional, Load & Stress, System, and Integration testing with test case graphical modelling, simulations, real-time monitoring, and automated reporting for enterprise systems.