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Why Albia?

At Albia® we believe that our most important goal is to deliver top quality solutions that our customers will benefit from, while being innovative and highly professional. Having the best people in the field working on our team we provide IT services and solutions to all industries across Europe and the Middle East. Some of the key values of having Albia® Consulting include:

  • Proven consultancy model and methodology
  • Some of the best consultants with diverse expertise in IT and business areas
  • Albia® Consulting can bring down your costs by 40 to 60%
  • Independent software vendor, producing world class software currently sold in over 15 countries
  • Specialised products and services that bring higher productivity to your organisation
  • Highly skilled consultants in over 20 IT areas and programming languages
  • Skilled specialists in Enterprise Application Integration and SOA
  • Fast business results with proven enterprise integration solutions
  • Albia® Consulting can integrate new application while helping you to leverage your existing investments
  • Albia® Consulting can automate and improve your business processes
  • Launch robust enterprise class solutions with our highly skilled technical and business team
  • Albia® consultants will help you to re-use instead of re-create
  • Albia® partnership business model is designed to suit our customers' needs and build long term relationship
  • Experts in Open Source technologies