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Albia® Consulting Benefits

Having Albia® Consulting involved with your projects brings enormous benefits. You can fully rely on our expertise and quality of service. Some of the key benefits that you will get with Albia® Consulting are:

  • Quick results
  • Top experts in the field
  • Reduce the cost and delivery of IT operations while maintaining service quality
  • Meet business standards such as Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO, and ITIL
  • Maximise your investment with our recommendations and strategic IT expenditure planning when we evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and resources
  • Minimise your costs with our efficient IT services and solutions
  • Get a professional advice when you need it the most
  • Drive your performance through Albia® Consulting services based on our proven methodology
  • Utilize Albia® innovative and agile products and services to generate new business value
  • Learn from our consultants best practices and standards
  • Albia® Consulting can maximize the value of your application delivery infrastructure through integrating enterprise applications
  • Reduced cost of software development projects - Albia® can bring down your costs by 40 to 60%
  • High quality software development (Albia® is a software vendor delivering and selling world class software to over 15 countries)
  • Quality assurance compliance with IEEE, ISO, or your own proprietary standards
  • Ability to scale up or down software development team at short notice
  • Albia® Consulting can maximize your profits through optimized project delivery, low costs, and on-time delivery
  • Ability to build long term relationship with Albia® to pipeline all your projects
  • Ability to bring Albia® consultants to your site when required at a short notice (please note this option is currently available only to Europe and Middle East)
  • European service at the lowest possible price

Albia® Consulting Facts

  • Albia® Consulting offering services in all European countries and some parts of the Middle East
  • Albia® Consulting has a range of solutions specifically designed for banking
  • Albia® Consulting is a cost effective business and technology integrator
  • Albia® Consulting is an expert in providing world class consultancy services
  • Albia® Consulting is fully customer oriented
  • Our solutions range from design and development to post-implementation support and maintenance
  • Albia® Consulting provides Systems Integration across all private and government sectors
  • Albia® Consulting is a strategic implementer for customers' selected field and market
  • Albia® is a software producer and creator of Testadon - a pioneering testing software platform
  • Company Headquarters: Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)