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Business Solutions

Albia® d.o.o. provides a broad range of business and technology services that deliver real business results. With headquarters in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Albia® covers many private and public sectors in different countries by bringing innovative and agile solutions delivered by top consultants through our specially designed agile consulting methodology.

Albia® provides business solutions for the following industrial and public areas:

Albia® Insurance solution is a cutting edge system providing the following infrastructure:
  • Customer Management
  • Claims Management..
Albia® e-Hospital is a unified solution that can make any hospital to operate electronically without any paperwork, hard copies of x-rays or analysis, with a full patient management system. It has a proven ROI and will make your hospital to be fully under control...
Albia® e-Library is a complete solution for any library to automate all internal and external processes. It includes an extensive data management system with massive search capabilities..
Albia® e-Education is a system that can automate any educational facility within minutes. It provides full student and staff management, analysis on any requested parameters, automated alerts, data events monitoring, and automated reporting...
Albia® e-Government is a set of solutions covering the following areas:
  • Citizen Management System
  • Governance
  • Citizen Data Portal
  • Department Integration..